Real Art.

I found this photograph on my phone recently from a trip to the Tate Modern last year. I half-heartedly snapped this photo, after having taken a liking to the sculptures. However what intrigued me in this picture is not the art itself, but the people in the background. The girl sitting on the floor, the man and woman both with buns and cameras…were they together or simply twinning strangers (of whom I hope end up together haha,) and most importantly the guy who to me appears to have brought his own camping chair? (Correct me if I’m wrong aha.) These people are the real art in this picture. Living and existing, rawly and in their own ways: as people do. 

I suppose the point of this post is that not everything is obvious and in plain sight. Not every piece of art, beauty or happiness in this world is clear and simple. Sometimes you have to search for it, and sometimes you’ll find it in the most unexpected places. 



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